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Why Willoway?


Why Willoway? Because we're declaring 2018 to be the Year of the Customer 2.0! Our focus is building partnerships with you to improve service and communication to be sure you have everything you need to be successful! Click here to learn more!

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3-19-18 Willoway Dock Video

Take a few minutes to walk with me on the Willoway docks and get ideas on your next delivery. This is the time to get your trees, evergreens and early spring bloomers on the lots and ready to sell!

Why Willoway? 2018 Year of the Customer 2.0

Our core values leads us in always striving to create ways to give our valued customers the best products and customer service. We are always listening to the voice of the customer.

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New for 2018!

Download our PDF guide to New and Exciting plants for 2018 and learn all about our Spring Merchandising Promotions!

Upcoming Events!

Introduction to Bonsai Workshop

at Willoway Nurseries, Inc. (Ginkgo Room)

April 7 • 1pm to 6pm
4534 Center Rd • Avon, OH 44011
Contact: dwhite@wwninc.com
Signup: http://bit.ly/2mBq8mc

Cost: $45.00

Interested in Bonsai? Willoway Nurseries, Inc. is sponsoring an Introduction to Bonsai Workshop led by Dale Harder from the Cleveland Bonsai Club. Dale is a Bonsai Master with over 40 years of experience.

Join us to learn the history of this fascinating ancient art form and practice basic techniques for designing, pruning, wiring, and caring for your very own Bonsai tree!

Workshop presumes participants have an interest in bonsai but little or no prior experience in growing or caring for them. This workshop is open to the public.

Participants receive:

  • Untrained tree
  • Concave branch pruners
  • Bonsai shears
  • And more!

Space is limited, sign up today!

Bonsai is at the intersection of horticulture and art

New Customer Portal Tool!

PortalThe new Willoway Nurseries Customer Portal will allow registered customers to interact with Willoway systems in order to more easily conduct business with us and keep up to date on your accounts.

Features include:

  • Inventory lookup and detail
  • Online ordering
  • Financial status (credit limit, billing information, aging)
  • View real-time allocations
  • View real-time loads
  • View past invoices and order history
  • Custom pricing management

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Distribution Centers

Over the past few months, the hard working staff of Premier Plant Solutions has been busy developing and implementing Best Management Practices to better serve you, our customer. Our goal is to work together with you to enhance our partnership and build trust so we earn the right to be your number one plant supplier.

We are focusing on exploring ways to reduce the time and money you spend sourcing quality plant material. This will allow you to devote more time to do what you do best: install great landscapes! Some of the services we have improved include quicker loading times for pickups, expanding pre-pulled orders, increased delivery capacity, and the ability to source all of your plant needs with our new "Plant Locator" service.

The same knowledgeable staff you have known over the years is excited about the upcoming season!

WDC Avon
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Agriculture Roundtable

Willoway President Tom Demaline attends an agriculture roundtable meeting in Washington DC with President Trump, Vice President Pence, and newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue. (Video originally posted on President Trump's Facebook page)


Featured Tools

Landscaping Reference Guide

Willoway Landscape Reference Guide

For our customers' convenience, we have put together a handy landscaping reference guide containing information about native plants, plants that do well in clay soils, plants that can tolerate aerial salt and other urban conditions, plants well suited to butterfly gardens or as hedges, and some commonly used conversion charts.