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Botanical Name Description Click thumbnail to enlarge
Acer Jap 'Green Cascade' Unique & beautiful, this weeper (prostrate unless staked) has round, deeply-dissected foliage which turns yelow/orange/crimson in fall. An amazing sight cascading over a wall or stake for a small pendulous tree.
Acer Pseudosieboldianum The Korean Maple is a great substitute for a green Japanese Maple and has improved cold hardiness to Zone 4a. New foliage is tinged red and fall folilage is brilliant pumpkin orange.
Acer Rubrum 'Red Rocket' Narrow upright habit and intense red fall color combined with good cold hardiness makes it a good choice for northern areas and special landscape settings.
Acer Rubrum 'Redpoint' Brilliant red fall color plus upright, broadly pyramidal form make this Schmidt introduction a standout. A straight and dominant central leader results in strong branch angles that resist breakage.
Agave 'Kissho Kan' Soft blue-green rosettes with a broad cream border and a red-brown terminal spine. As it gets older, it makes a rounded specimen to at least a foot across and tall. Needs well-drained soil and bright light for best success.
Aloe 'Hedgehog' Ideal for tubs or container planting which enhances the unusual and attractive growth form. Grey-green succulent leaves with attractive thorns. Dark pink to orange flowers in abundance on medium length stems in winter.
Alstroemeria Inca 'Adore' Soft red flowers, speckled with yellow and black accents, create a massive flower display atop compact plants in midsummer. They make excellent cut flowers, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.
Alstroemeria Inca 'Devotion' Soft pink flowers, with beautiful yellow throat, are produced atop neat upright plants in midsummer. They make excellent cut flowers, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.
Alstroemeria Inca 'Pulse' Vivid cherry red flowers, with creamy yellow banding on the upper petals, are produced atop neat compact plants in midsummer. They are excellent cut flowers, as well as container plants.
Alstroemeria 'Mauve Majesty' Bright mauve pink flowers, with beautiful dark speckling and a creamy yellow throat, are produced atop neat upright plants in midsummer. They make excellent cut flowers, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.
Aster 'Believer' Intense, dark blue-purple, daisy like flowers in Fall. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting.
Aster 'Days' Lavender Blue daisy like flowers in Fall. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting.
Aster 'Dragon' Lovely lavender daisy like flowers with a yellow center appear in Fall. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting.
Aster 'Hazy' Bright pink daisy like flowers with yellow center appear in Fall. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting.
Aster 'Magic' Magic is a very early (North Sept 5-10), purple flowering Aster with a medium flower size.
Bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 'Genf' This rare form of Jiuzhaigou was collected as a seedling from Jiuzhaigou Park in northern Sichuan China by a Swiss bamboo collector and later imported to the United States from Europe. It is similar to Jiuzhaigou I, but reported to be the tallest form, up to 15 feet. It acquires a beautiful cherry red coloration in the spring and fall.
Bamboo Fargesia Rufa A newly discovered Fargesia with new culms that have attractive rusty reddish sheaths and a non-invasive root system. This introduction is proving to be one of the most hardy and versatile clumping bamboo in the landscape. It is a shorter Fargesia, only about 10 feet tall when mature, but a vigorous grower, sending up many new culms each season. The new culms of this Fargesia leaf out early in the summer, making it an excellent choice where its rapid growth is desired. Like Fargesia dracocephala and Fargesia robusta its leaves do not curl in the sun, but it is hardier than either of these. Yet like all Fargesias, it should be planted with protection from the hot afternoon sun, especially in warmer climates.
Bamboo Fargesia Scabrida This elegant bamboo was collected in 1997 from the mountains of Pingwu county in Sichuan, China at an elevation over 8,500 feet. Imported by Jos van der Palen of Kimmei Nursery in Holland. Fargesia sp. ‘Scabrida’ has perhaps the most exciting colors of any hardy clumping bamboo: the young culms have dark orange sheaths, opening gradually to reveal steel-blue and lavender culms, aging to an olive green. The leaves are dark green and slender, with a graceful, airy arrangement. Like F. robusta, it has many desirable qualities: fairly upright habit, vigorous growth, and more sun-tolerant than most other Fargesia. Although still quite rare, it has great potential and destined to become one of our most cherished bamboos, evoking images of rainforest covered mountains and the ancient Buddhist temples of Pingwu.
Bamboo Sasa Veitchii Our most sought after Sasa, this species is grown for leaves that wither at the margins in fall, giving it a very unusual look of dark green leaves with white edges. For the most striking look, it is best used as a groundcover in a shady area. It is fine for full sun here in the Pacific Northwest. Sasa veitchii will grow to between 3 and 5 feet when left alone, but it can be kept shorter by cutting it to the ground after its spring flush of growth. For a taller plant, cut Sasa veitchii to the ground very early in the spring before new growth starts. It should be evergreen, with the whitish margins to Zone 7.
Begonia 'Black Fancy' The scalloped leaves emerge mottled with green, and mature to almost black. Small pink flowers rise above the foliage in winter. 'Black Fancy', like other begonias, does best when you allow it to dry out between waterings.
Begonia 'Little Darling' Tiny black leaves patterned light green between veins and eyelash edged. Small, light pink flowers appear above this dainty mound and add to its beauty.
Begonia 'Soli Mutata' Dark green-brown textured leaves are accented by lighter green veins running from the center to the edges. A beautiful red underside shows around the top edges.
Berberis 'Maria' (Sunjoy Gold Pillar) Upright golden barberry with red new growth and blazing orange-red fall color. This upright selection does not require any pruning, is very adaptable, and also burn resistant.
Betula N. 'Shiloh Splash' This dwarf River Birch really stands out in the landscape with it's distinctively variegated foliage of green and white. The exfoliating bark creates all season interest.
Buddleia 'Lo And Behold' The first miniature buddleia with fragrant violet-blue flowers! Excellent in mass plantings, containers or perennial garden. This remarkable plant is continuously blooming from May to frost.
Buddleia 'Miss Ruby' Miss Ruby is a sweetheart of a plant noted for its compact habit and remarkable vivid, rich pink blooms. The flower color is unlike any other Buddleia and the plant boasts silver leaves and a compact growth habit. It is very well branched which results in lots of beautiful flowers. Developed by Dr. Dennis Werner of the JC Raulston Arboretum in NC.
Buxus 'Chicagoland Green' A broad-leaved boxwood that resembles an English box in appearance. It has a uniform wide-oval habit, good winter color and excellent hardiness. Sun to partial shade.
Buxus 'Cranberry Creek' Upright habit with tight dark green foliage. Selected for its hardiness, compact growth and rich color. Sun to partial shade.
Buxus M. 'Huron' Upright habit with tight growth, grows rapidly, similar foliage to 'Wintergem'.  
Buxus S. 'Arctic Emerald' A distinct variety of Boxwood with a dense, somewhat pyramidal, upright growth habit. Glossy deep olive green foliage substantially throughout the year without any substantial change in coloration during the winter. Exceptional tolerance of wind, ice and snow.
Buxus 'Wee Willie' A new and distinct cultivar of boxwood that originated as a branch sport. The orderly arrangement of leaves on each stem gives this shrub considerable textural interest. This shrub displays excellent hardiness, and its emerald-green leaves retain their color through the winter. This semi-dwarf evergreen shrub displays an upright, dense growth habit, making it suitable for use in small gardens or as a low, formal hedge or border.
Buxus X 'St. Paul' Pyramidal form, similar to Green Mountain. Light green foliage and vigorous growing habit.
Chaenomeles Jap. 'Crimson & Gold' Crimson and Gold' has striking, cup-shaped, bright red flowers with conspicuous yellow centers from March to May, followed by aromatic, greenish-yellow fruit. A popular compact variety, perfect for the smaller garden or where space is limited. The fruit can be eaten when cooked.
Chaenomeles Jap. 'Toyo Nishiki' This early-blooming shrub produces showy, apple blossom-like flowers of pink, white, and red on the same branch. Emerging leaves are bronzy-red turning to a dark, glossy green on a twiggy network of broad-spreading, spiny branches.
Cissus Discolor Having the striking leaves of a Rex begonia and a vining growth habit, Cissus discolor is excellent in a container and can be trained onto a form. Its oval- to heart-shaped leaves are dark green with frosty silver patterns, while the undersides are red. The vine generally stays to 1 to 3 feet in containers. It may also be used on trellises or arbors.
Clematis 'Angelique' Light blue flowers with a reddish brown center. Plants can take sun, but keep roots cool.
Clematis 'Cezanne' Lavender blue flowers with a yellow center. Plants can take sun, but keep roots cool.
Clematis 'Chantilly' Lightly scented white flowers with a light pink blush and reddish brown center.
Clematis 'Cherokee' Flowers are a dusky pink with darker bar and red anthers. Plants can take sun, but keep roots cool.
Clematis 'Chevalier' Velvety purple to blue yellow anthers . Plants can take sun, but keep roots cool.
Clematis 'Crystal Fountain' Double lilac/blue with large anthers flowers appear from May-June and August.
Clematis 'Diamantina' Very free flowering, compact double clematis. Repeat flowering, long-flowering compact cultivar, this double clematis far outperforms any other double clematis currently available. It has many flowers per stem and good foliage. The blue-purple flowers are very full, and pom-pom like due to their fully double habit. Each flower will last up to 4 weeks. It is repeat flowering throughout the summer to early autumn. The flowers are approximately 10-15cm (4-6 inches) in size.
Clematis 'Empress' A charming clematis that will impress with a profusion of pink. This vine produces large double flowers that have pink petals with darker pink center bars. The inner petals sprout spiky pink "hair" and the plant blooms from May through June and again in August. Empress™ is a compact, free-flowering plant that displays well in containers.
Clematis 'Parisienne' Large flowers, light violet-blue with overlapping petals and contrasting deep red anthers, appear extravagantly in early summer and then repeat the show in late summer. Easily kept compact, Parisienne™ is ideal in containers or in a border where it can clamber through a shrub Rose.
Clematis 'Rebecca' Very large flowers are stunningly magenta red with creamy yellow anthers. It is exceptionally free-flowering from May-June and August.
Colocasia 'Blue Hawaii' Large green leaves, with prominent bluish-purple veins and margins, sit atop dark purple stems.
Colocasia 'Diamond Head' 'Diamond Head' combines the foliage color of 'Black Magic' with a glossy leaf surface, usually seen only in Alocasias. Leaves grow to 18".
Colocasia 'Hawaiian Eye' Black leaves with silver veining, age to a grey-green, highlighted by a darker purple eye. The veins on the underside of the leaf are a cranberry color. 'Hawaiian Eye' is even further accented by the glossy jet black stems. A beautiful plant from every angle!
Cordyline 'Cardinal' A smaller clump-forming Cordyline that forms a rosette of glossy arching red leaves that first emerge narrow and widen with maturity
Cordyline 'Renegade' A new and distinct tight clump forming Cordyline that grows up from swollen underground stem to 2 feet tall with arching dark purple to nearly black foliage that has a glossy lacquered finish.
Cordyline 'Southern Splendor' Blades exhibit rich maroon center with bright pink edge. Stunning accent plant and great for container gardens.
Cordyline 'Torbay Dazzler' Wide blades with green centers and yellow edge. Hints of blush to pink with age and sun exposure. Stunning accent plant and great for container gardens.
Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull' This exciting new cold-hardy Coreopsis is a natural cross of C. 'Zamfir' and C. 'Early Sunrise,' combining the best attributes of both into a whimsical treat for every sunny garden. Its rich golden-yellow blooms appear abundantly in mid-spring and are fade-proof even in the brightest summer sun. They present fluted petals with pointed tips more reliably than C. 'Zamfir' and almost as heavily as the band's seemingly endless solos! You can expect them to bloom continuously from mid-spring all the way through late summer.
Cornus A. 'French Vanilla' New alternifolia hybrid with loose, rounded habit with irregular branching. White creamy flowers turn to blue-black fruit. Glossy, bright green foliage and orange fall color.
Cornus A. 'Pistachio' New alternifolia hybrid with tiered branching forms a loose rounded shape. Dark green foliage with burgundy new growth. Yellowish white blooms. Blue-black fruit.
Cornus Kousa 'Wolf Eyes' Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’ is a somewhat shrubby, broad spreading kousa dogwood. It is considered among the best of the C. kousa variegated forms, and there are a bunch. The creamy white margined leaves hold up well in sun or shade. Late spring blooms of four, pointed white bracts last for several weeks. In late summer, the plant is covered with red-orange raspberry-like fruit. This plant makes an excellent small specimen tree in just about any soil except very wet or very dry.
Cornus Racemosa 'Huron Gray' Excellent compact growth and great spot resistance. The most compact of the C. racemosa selections. Very adaptable, thrives in areas with harsh growing conditions. Bright green foliage that turns burgundy in fall. White flowers in spring.
Cornus Racemosa 'Muskingum' A low growing form with narrow, light green leaves that turn red in Fall. White flowers . Very adaptable, thrives in areas with harsh growing conditions.
Cornus X 'Venus' Exceptionally large white floral bracts, good tolerance of drought conditions and high resistance to Powdery Mildew and Dogwood Anthracnose. Cross of C. Kousa and C. nuttallii.
Corydalis 'Canary Feathers' The perfect addition to the shade garden! Soft, blue-green feather-like foliage is accented by large, canary-yellow flowers carried above the foliage on short spikes. A real performer, 'Canary Feathers' is certain to highlight a shady spot in the woodland garden as well as in a container planting. Combines well with blue or gold Hosta.
Cotinus X 'Grace' A delightful composition of mixed textures with its feathery plumes wedged between large, six inch, obovate leaves. This plant is vibrant wine-red when young, darkening to a plum-red at maturity before they turn to a brilliant orange-red in the fall.
Diervilla 'Cool Splash' Clusters of yellow trumpets top the striking variegated foliage, that holds even in the shade. This densely branched deciduous shrub forms underground suckers, and is tolerant of inhospitable soil types.
Echinacea 'Avalanche' A new dwarf cultivar with crisp, white blooms and a very reliable habit. Perfect for smaller spaces and mid-border placement, will continuously bloom from July to September.
Echinacea 'Fragrant Angel' Large fragrant white flowers with double rows of petals are held horizontally. Tall, vigorous plants are strongly branched and flower profusely all summer long.
Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' In summer, the blooms emerge with papaya-colored petals and a deep orange-yellow cone. Matures with rich, fiery orange petals, topped by a double, reddish-orange pompom.
Echinacea 'Mac N Cheese' Narrow, golden-yellow petals radiate from a coppery cone. The vibrant color of 'Mac n Cheese' will brighten up any border.
Echinacea 'Merlot' Carried on tall, wine-colored stems, this coneflower forms large rose pink, fragrant, long-lasting flowers.
Echinacea 'Milkshake' Milkshake produces an abundance of white, fully-double, pom pom-like fowers, with a yellow center. Strong, well-branched stems hold these beautiful flowers from July to September.
Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight' The plant is well-branched and very floriferous, producing many straight and sturdy stems. Amazing double pink blooms begin in July and continue for 8 to 12 weeks.
Echinacea 'Pink Poodle' Large, fully-double pink flowers are produced on well branched plants.
Echinacea 'Raspberry Tart' The numerous, small deep magenta flowers that adorn this compact plant all summer long make it an eye-catcher in any garden. Use for the border and as cut flowers. Easy to grow. Fragrant.
Echinacea 'Tiki Torch' Large, bright, pumpkin orange flowers. The amazing flowers combined with the upright, well branched flowering stems make this a must have new plant. Excellent vigor!
Echinacea 'Tomato Soup' Vivid, tomato-red flowers stand upon 3' sturdy stems.
Ensete Tandarra Red This is an excellent foliage plant with waxy fronds of deep green reddish-purple tones and leaf margins.
Fatsia Variegata Thick, erect stems support huge dark palmate leaves smudged with cream and light green. Roundish clusters of small cream flowers appear in the Autumn.
Fern - 'Frilly Tatting' Frilly fronds give this fern a delicate appearance. Thrives in heat and humidity in shady areas with moist soil.
Fern - Dre's Dagger A real attention getter, this selection of decidous Lady Fern has a unique look. Narrow, deep green fronds are cris-crossed, coming to a crested narrow point. Makes a great addition to the woodland garden with a statuesque presentation.
Fern - Parsley Long tapering fronds have crinkled appearance. New growth is chartreuse in color and darkens to olive green. Adds great texture to any garden.
Fern - Wildwood Twist An unusual silvered hybrid fern, painted in smoky gray and green, standing taller than other Japanese ferns. Mature fronds are slightly twisted.
Ginkgo B. 'Royal Knight' Columnar form selected for its very dense habit. Nice yellow fall color. Holds onto its foliage longer than species. Selected from our farm in Avon, Ohio.
Grass - Cal. Ac. 'Eldorado' Narrow green leaves with bright yellow centers give way to this bold appearance. Tan wheat seed heads appear in late summer and last thru fall.
Grass - Carex 'Everest' Everest™ carex makes a bold statement as a container plant or as a filler plant in the landscape. The distinctive white striped foliage and the healthy growth rate makes Everest a superb ground-cover plant also.
Grass - Chas. Lat. 'River Mist' Striking variegated blades and ornamental seed pods, from July to August, make this native a great specimen for massing, borders and cutting. 'River Mist' does well in shade and along river banks. The seed pods are loved by birds and rattle like music in the wind.
Grass - H.M. 'All Gold' Golden foliage that lights up the landscape. Cascading foliage, marvelous beside a pond as a specimen or in mass plantings.
Grass - H.M. 'Stripe It Rich' Spectacular blades of gold striped with white create graceful clumps that cascade in the shade. Wonderful accent or container plant.
Grass - M. S. 'Rigoletto' A densely-tufted, compact grass cultivar with arching green leaves, variegated with white stripes. Tiny bronze flowers in tassel-like inflorescences appear in late summer on stalks rising above the foliage.
Grass - Pa. 'Cheyenne Sky' An exciting new Prairie Switch Grass selection chosen for its tight, vase-shaped form and incredible wine-red foliage that colors the plant beginning in late summer. The fall veil of wine-red flowering spikes are equally showy. ‘Cheyenne Sky’ is much more compact and uniformly red than the original reddish colored Panicum ‘Shenandoah.’ Plant in groups of threes or fives to create garden drama in the fall.
Grass - Pe. Al. 'Desert Plains' A seedling of 'Cassian' with an improved habit and flowering performance. Narrow, green leaves form an upright vase-shape. Beautiful fall color 5", tan bottlebrush flowers. Grows 4 foot tall.
Grass - Pe. Al. 'Red Head' 'Red Head' begins to show its enormous bottlebrush plumes in mid to late summer. In the fall the leaves turn gold in color. Use in containers, borders and rock gardens.
Halesia 'Emily Marie' Exciting new plant offers striking pink bell shaped flowers on a compact plant. Very disease and pest resistant. Selected from our farm in Avon, Ohio.
Halesia 'UCONN Wedding Bells' White bell shaped flowers at an inch across, are significantly larger than the species.
Hem T.A.N. 'Apricot Sparkles' Apricot blooms, overlaid with a silvery sparkle. Early bloomer. Diploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Bright Sunset' Dusty burnt orange with a deeper halo and yellow green throat.
Hem T.A.N. 'Fire & Fog' Amazing color intensity with a deep fuschia-pink center that is edged with pale yellow. Mid-summer blooming. Tetraploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Fooled Me' Hemerocallis 'Fooled Me' is a 5 ½ inch golden yellow flower that creates visual interest with an attractive deep red eye and matching picotee edge. The award winning blooms also boast "pie crust" crimped edges on the rounded petals. 'Fooled Me' blooms midsummer with extended bloom flowers that last at least 16 hours each.
Hem T.A.N. 'Forgotten Dreams' 6-1/2" blooms are shades of silvery violet with large wine colored eye zones, purple ruffled edges and bright green throats. Mid to late season blooms. Diploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Going Bananas' This fantastic new variety is an improvement of 'Happy Returns'. Canary-yellow flowers keep coming all summer until hard frost. Midseason blooms. Diploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Indian Giver' Bright yellow buds open to purple flowers with dark veins, crinkled white edges, and golden yellow throats. Flowers appear from early to mid-season. Diploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Midnight Dynamite' Dark purple blooms, with a near black eye zone and lime green throat. Early season rebloomer. Diploid.
Hem T.A.N. 'Roses In The Snow' Blood red petals with an emerald throat and ivory margins. Early to mid-season.
Hem T.A.N. 'Veins Of Truth' Pastel colors combine beautifully on this variety. Dramatic upper petals of rose pink, with creamy white margins and a yellow throat, sit beautifully atop lower petals of gold and apricot. Lightly fragrant and semi-evergreen, this powerhouse is perfect for hot, unforgiving climates. Mid season bloomer. Tetraploid.
Heptacodium Miconioides Small tree/large shrub with glossy dark green foliage, exfoliating bark, and fragrant creamy-white 6 panicles from August to September.
Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie' Originally selected for its rosey-pink spring tones, you will continue to be impressed by its bold habit and excellent year-round color.
Heuchera 'Georgia Peach' Huge peach colored leaves with a very showy white overlay and a large lush habit. Foliage color changes from peach orange tones in the spring to rose to rose purple in the fall through winter. Creamy white flowers.
Heuchera 'Quilters Joy' Quilters Joy was given an award for Garden Merit. Crisp silver markings on a shiny bronzed back drop gives it that quilted look. Flowering mid summer. Full to part shade with moist well drained soil. 18-24".
Heuchera 'Southern Comfort' Huge cinnamon-peach leaves and a lush habit. Creamy white flowers erupt in late summer. Foliage color changes from cinnamon peach to burnished copper to amber.
Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise' Gold, deeply cut, spring foliage is highlighted by red veins. In summer, the leaves turn green, and then in the fall, the old foliage turns an orange-pink.
Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' Huge cinnamon colored stars are surrounded by orange tea colored borders. The large palmate leaves lighten in the summer, and darken again in the fall.
Hibiscus S. 'Blue Chiffon' The semi-double blue flowers have a lacy center of lighter lavender-blue petals. Blooms profusely from July through September.
Hibiscus S. 'Lil' Kim' Say hello to the first dwarf Rose of Sharon! Lil' Kim is unique little shrub with dainty little white flowers punctuated with a showy red eye. The plant appear to be a polyploid because it has thick, dark green leaves and the flowers last for three days instead of the typical one day before falling. Creates many new landscape and garden uses; great for mixed containers, mixed perennial beds or for around decks or entry gardens.
Hibiscus S. 'Sugar Tip' The bluish-green leaves have lovely creamy-white margins and are topped with loads of clear pink, double flowers.
Hibiscus X 'Cranberry Crush' A full compact habit of thick, glossy green foliage. Black buds open to giant scarlet-red flowers.
Hibiscus X 'Party Favor' Rose pink buds open to glossy cotton-candy pink flowers with heavily ruffled, overlapping petals and a red eye.
Hibiscus X 'Sultry Kiss' Deep red buds open to magenta-red flowers, measuring a whopping 9-11 inches wide.
Hosta 'Blazing Saddles' This beautiful bold hosta is a seedling from 'Blue Umbrellas'. The 4-foot clump is comprised of large, oblong leaves with a nice wide creamy-white edge. Medium lavender flowers top the broad clump in mid season. 'Blazing Saddles' is a great combination of vigor and unusual leaf shape.
Hosta 'Blue Hawaii' A stunning upright specimen of corrugated, flat blue leaves. In midsummer, the clump is adorned with scapes of lavender flowers.
Hosta 'Hush Puppies' Tiny grey-green leaves are edged with creamy-white margins, making 'Hush Puppies' the perfect choice to tuck in small spots.
Hosta 'Prairie Skies' Softly cupped, powdery-blue leaves hold their color extremely well, even in hot climates. The clump is topped with 2' tall scapes of lavender flowers in mid-summer.
Hosta 'Vulcan' Dark green borders surround white centers, lit up by golden-yellow streaks. Pale-lavender flowers on white scapes in mid- to late-summer.
Hydrangea A. 'Incrediball' Clusters of massive white flowers appear on sturdy stalks in summer. Flowers the size of basketballs open a key lime color that matures to a creamy white.
Hydrangea A. 'Invincibelle' Produces loads of hot pink flowers from early summer to frost. For each plant sold, a one dollar donation will be made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Hydrangea M.'Twist & Shout' Lacy deep pink blooms on sturdy red stems and deep green foliage. A new lace cap member of the Endless Summer family. Blooms on old and new wood.
Hydrangea Pan. 'White Diamonds' Glistening white panicles in the summer and fall. Dark-green, leathery foliage displays increased heat and drought tolerance. Samller sature than other paniculata's.
Hypericum 'Mystical Beauty' Bright yellow flowers and prolific orange-peach fruit. Low mounding habit, perfect for mass plantings.
Hypericum 'Mystical Orange' Bright yellow flowers and prolific orange fruit on a low mounding habit. Perfect for mass plantings.
Hypericum 'Mystical Red Star' Bright yellow flowers and attractive cherry red fruit on a low mounding habit. Perfect for mass plantings.
Ilex X 'Red Beauty' Developed from three species (I. aquifolium, rugosa and pernyi), 'Red Beauty' is a densely branched, evergreen with a compact conical form. An abundance of well displayed bright red berries appear in fall.
Juglan Nigra Black walnut, also called eastern black walnut and American walnut, is one of the scarcest and most coveted native hardwoods. Small natural groves frequently found in mixed forests on moist alluvial soils have been heavily logged. The fine straight-grained wood made prize pieces of solid furniture and gunstocks. As the supply diminishes, the remaining quality black walnut is used primarily for veneer. The distinctive tasting nuts are in demand for baked goods and ice cream, but people must be quick to harvest them before the squirrels!
Lagerstroemia X I. 'Violet Filli' 'Violet Filli' is the most dwarf Crapemyrtle and maintains an extremely compact shape in full sun. It is hardy to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Leucanthemum S. 'Banana Cream' Semi-double lemon yellow blooms fade to a buttery yellow. This compact, mounded plant is great for borders and edging and outstanding in a vase.
Lilium 'After Eight' This compact selection has petals of deep cherry-pink with a crisp white edge, perfect for cut flowers. 'After Eight' has the intoxicatingly fragrant blooms of 'Stargazer', but much shorter in habit.
Lilium 'Sunny Bonaire' This dwarf lily has large, fragrant, upward facing, light pink flowers on strong 18" stems.
Liquidambar S. 'Corky' Very pronounced wing-like texture to the bark make this tree a very interesting specimen. Its brilliant red fall color and uniform, compact habit are other great attributes.
Lonicera N. Edmee Gold 'Briloni' Add a touch of gold to your shade garden with this cascading Lonicera. The perfect plant for tricky slopes or just to infuse an area with color, 'Edmee Gold' throws layer after layer of golden branches made up of tiny, delicate leaves. Semi-evergreen in zones 7 and 8.
Maackia Amurensis Small tree with rounded habit that bears erect, spike-like clusters of fragrant white, pea-like flowers in late Spring. Coppery-bronze bark exfoliates on mature trees. Makes a great small shade or street tree.
Metasequoia Glypto. 'Gold Rush' New selection with a beautiful gold foliage. Keeps its color well into the summer and turns a burnt orange in the fall.
Microbiota D. 'Fuzzball' A variation on the popular evergreen with very stable juvenile foliage while keeping all the landscape attributes of its parent. Very hardy and compact in habit with a fuzzy look to the foliage.
Ostrya Virginiana American hop hornbeam is a deciduous, Missouri native small to medium-sized, understory tree with a generally rounded crown. Typically grows 25-40' tall with a slightly smaller spread. Features birch-like, oval to lance-shaped, sharply-serrated, dark yellowish-green leaves (to 5" long). Leaves turn an undistinguished yellow in autumn and often drop early. Flowers are monoecious (reddish-brown male flowers and greenish female flowers appear in separate catkins on the same tree). Flowers are not particularly showy, although the male catkins are more prominent and are present throughout winter. Female catkins are followed by drooping clusters of sac-like, seed-bearing pods which, as the common name suggests, somewhat resemble the fruit of hops. Also commonly called ironwood because of its extremely hard and dense wood.
Penn Purp Majesty Millet Luxurious, thick, soft, deepest burgundy, 15” spikes are held upright above gorgeous, bold, almost black corn-like foliage. Matures to 3’ to 5’ tall. Prefers medium to dry soils and partial sun.
Phormium 'Jester' A smaller growing cultivar with uniquely beautiful foliage color. The blades are pinkish with an orange midrib and lime green bands near the margins.
Phormium 'Pink Panther' Ruby red margins, with bronze overtones, surround candy pink centers. A terrific plant for growing in mixed containers as a foliage center piece.
Prunus Sub. 'Pink Snow Showers' A graceful weeper with an incredible display of beautiful single pink flowers cascading down its branches. A vigorous grower with strong resistance to shot-hole disease. Mature height 25'. Attractive mint-green foliage turns to a burnt gold in fall.
Pyrus C. 'Jack' Dense, upright habit. Glossy, thick dark green foliage and masses of white flowers in spring. Fire Blight resistant.
Rose S. 'White Knock Out' (Radwhite) Beautiful white flowers on a disease resistant variety. Used individually, in borders, masses or even containers, this trouble free shrub rose suits any lifestyle.
Rubus Id. 'Heritage' The Heritage Raspberry, 'Rubus 'Heritage', has medium-sized red berries that have very good flavor and quality. It is exceptional for fresh eating or for making pies and jams. The medium sized fruits have good color and flavor, firmness, and freezing quality. Heritage is an outstanding everbearing variety that produces a crop in mid-July and then again in early September. They are disease-resistant, highly productive, easy-to-grow and will bear fruit the first year. The Heritage red raspberry has been given the 2004 Outstanding Fruit Cultivar Award by the American Society of Horticultural Sciences.
Rubus Id. 'Munger' Developed in Ohio, Munger is a midseason bearer. Large, plump yet firm, shiny black berries that are not seedy. Munger has a delicious, sweet flavor that is excellent for jam, jellies, and preserves. Only satisfactory for freezing. Munger has stout canes that appear to be more resistant to Fungal Diseases than other raspberry varieties. Munger is the leading variety in the Pacific Northwest, Commercially and in the home garden. Very hardy.
Rubus Sp. 'Triple Crown' Named for its three attributes: flavor, productivity and vigor, this very hardy variety offers two other attributes: disease resistance and very large berries. Ripens for about one month from end of July thru August. Semi-erect, thornless plants can be trellised or pruned in summer to a height of 42". Does well on East and West Coasts. Zones 5-8.
Taxodium Ascendens 'Morris' A deciduous conifer with delicate ferny foliage. Very tight, columnar form with a slightly weeping habit. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings Very high moisture needs; suitable for bogs and water gardens.
Taxodium D. 'Peve Minaret' A tight, compact form of native Baldcypress, with interesting dense, fern-like foliage which turns orange-brown in the fall. A rare deciduous conifer, perfect for small gardens.
Taxodium Dist. 'Cascade Falls' Bright green foliage on a dramatic weeping form. Stake to desired hieght and let it weep. Exfoliating bark and weeping habit provide winter interest.
Taxodium Dist. 'Shawnee Brave' Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress is a beautiful majestic pyramidal tree with very delicate, feathery foliage and cinnamon exfoliating bark. This rare hybrid variety is much fuller then the regular species, also the seed capsules are a dark purple and hang like ornaments in the fall. Prefers moist soil, but will tolerate most conditions.
Taxus Cusp. Cap. 'Captain' A uniform, fast growing clone of 'Capitata' selected for its improved winter color.
Thuja Koraiensis A broad, irregular spreading shrub. Bright green foliage with distinct whitish markings below.
Thuja Occ. 'Fire Chief' Distinctive foliage coloration which is reddish at the tips, when grown in full sun conditions. It's compact rounded growth habit requires little pruning.
Thuja Occ. 'Mr. Bowling Ball' Unusual, attractive sage-green color year-round. Soft, feathery, fine textured foliage resembles a Chamaecyparis, forming a perfect compact globe.
Trachelospermum A. 'Summer Sunset' ‘Summer Sunset’ adds vibrant color to its list of worthy characteristics. The leaves are marbled in endless hues of oranges, reds, greens and whites. Much like fingerprints, no two leaves are alike, and although each one promises a new combination worthy of admiration on its own, it is the mass of leaves together which truly inspire the visual senses! Its appeal as a groundcover has grown tremendously, but don’t let that fool you. It’s potential applications as a single hanging basket item, mixed container component, or even accent plant for seasonal holiday décor are endless!
Trachelospermum A. 'Tricolor' Twining ground cover with fabulous pink new growth, which later turns to cream and green spotting. Fragrant white flowers sporadically all season.
Vaccinium 'Blue Gold' Good flavor and firm fruits make this an excellent late season blueberry.
Vaccinium 'Blue Ray' An old favorite and versatile variety, Blueray produces extra large, sweet berries in midseason. It's upright, open habit boasts fall colors of yellow to bright red.
Vaccinium 'Bluecrop' Bluecrop is the best all around variety for adaptability,yields, high quality fruit, and disease resistance. Large sweet berries, in midseason.
Vaccinium 'Chandler' Chandler provides gardeners with up to six weeks of the world's largest blueberries. The fruit appears in mid- to late season.
Vaccinium 'Nelson' The large, sweet fruits in midseason are sure to be a favorite. The perfect blueberry for commercial growing or "pick your own" farms.
Vaccinium 'Northblue' 'Northblue' is known for its production of consistently high yeilds of fruit in extremely cold climates. The medium sized blueberries appear in midseason.
Vaccinium 'Northland' 'Northland' is the most cold-hardy Highbush variety and is also adaptable to a wide range of soil types.
Vaccinium 'Northsky' The extreme cold hardiness of 'Northsky', paired with it's dense, compact habit makes it ideal for container growing, borders and mass plantings.
Vaccinium 'Patriot' This cold-hardy variety is also adaptable to a wide range of soil types and seems to tolerate wet soils better than most.
Vaccinium 'Top Hat' Top Hat is the perfect dwarf cultivar for mass ground cover plantings, containers, or bonsai.
Veronica 'High Five' Very long and abundant, thick spikes of violet-blue flowers in July-August. Flowers tower over short compact plants with rich green foliage.
Veronica 'Pink Panther' Very long spikes of lavender-pink flowers can reach 22 inches.
Veronica 'Purpleicious' Intense purple flower spikes , up to ten inches, atop glossy green foliage.
Viburnum Den. 'Raspberry Tart' Compact dwarf habit and form - grows half the size of the species. Exceptional bright raspberry-red fall foliage and durability makes this Viburnum note worthy.
Weigela 'Shining Sensation' Glossy burgundy foliage and light pink flowers on a compact habit.
Wisteria '282' New cultivar found to bloom on new wood as well as old wood. Discovered due to the profuse blooms in August! The plant is disease resistant and a vigorous grower.

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