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Plants That Work

Novalis®, which means "to cultivate new ground" in Latin, is a growing power in the horticultural industry. A national alliance of wholesale nurseries with plants available in more than 2,500 independent garden centers and landscape companies across the country, Novalis® sells distinctive, high-quality plants under its Plants that Work® brand umbrella and provides consistent marketing and merchandising for the retailers in its network. This equates to plant solutions for gardeners everywhere.

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Plants That Work by Color

Plants That Work by Color bench

Novalis® Plants that Work®
by Color®

A complete program of quality annual bedding plants, offering 8 colorful categories for gardens and containers. Regionally grown and distributed. Available in Full-Quart and Trade 1-Gallon sizes.

Plants that Work in the Kitchen bench

Novalis® Plants that Work®
In the Kitchen™

A medley of great garden herbs, fruits, and veggies in this edible program. Cutting-edge varieties suited for garden settings, raised beds, and containers. Convenient packaging makes this a natural for garden center customers.


Plants that Work in Nooks & Crannies

Novalis® Plants that Work®
in Nooks & Crannies™

Nooks & Crannies™ offers a comprehensive mix of small-statured varieties for compact spaces and special applications. Over 200 regional selections presented in a convenient, 18-pack tray.

Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Lilafee’

Novalis® Plants that Work®
In the Shade™

In the Shade™ is a cool collection of shade-loving varieties, perfect for garden settings, patios and containers. Like Bring on the Heat®, In the Shade™ are selected for continuous color from variety to variety all through the garden season.

Bring on the Heat

Novalis® Plants that Work®
Bring on the Heat®

Bring on the Heat® offers varieties with dramatic foliage, bright color and bold texture. All chosen to perform in the high-heat and humidity of summer and designed for a presentation of color from early spring through summer.

Bring on the Heat

Novalis® Plants that Work®
Tender Succulents

Succulents are booming in popularity! These plants make excellent display plants in dish gardens, and patio containers. Succulents have adapted to survive conditions throughout the world, from Africa to the deserts of North America. We have put together a collection of plants with interesting leaf forms and plant shapes including paddle leaves, tight rosettes, and bushy or trailing leaves of amazing color. Some also add a punch of summer blooms!