Contribute to the Lupus Foundation

Contribute to the Lupus Foundation

For over 5 years, Willoway Nurseries has dedicated its efforts to fundraising for the Lupus Foundation, a cause crucial in combatting the challenges posed by this chronic disease. Lupus, a persistent condition triggering inflammation and pain across the body, is an autoimmune ailment wherein the immune system, typically a shield against infections, mistakenly targets healthy tissues. Primarily impacting the skin, joints, and vital organs such as the kidneys and heart, Lupus necessitates collective action and support.


Annually, the Willoway team, affectionately known as the “Flare Fighters,” participates in the fall walk, a symbolic gesture aimed at bolstering the battle against Lupus while fostering public awareness. Through this initiative, they have consistently raised over $8000, directly contributing these funds to the Lupus Foundation. Additionally, the team spearheads the sale of specially designed t-shirts before the “Walk to end Lupus NOW,” serving as an integral part of the fundraising drive.


Your generous contribution will significantly aid Willoway and the Flare Fighters in advancing research endeavors that seek enhanced medications and treatments for Lupus. Rest assured, every cent raised, without exception, will be channeled directly to the Lupus Foundation, amplifying the impact of collective support towards this vital cause. Together, we pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for those affected by Lupus.